Wednesday, 5 May 2010

SU Magazine Review of the Bowlers Reunion !

Coming to this event was always going to be something different. Practically, we were the only students in a venue riddled with students. This wasn... See more’t promoted to students. This was something differently aimed at a different audience. But we liked our music. We liked our origins. So as you can guess, we came, we saw, we went. And what an experience it was, and quite possibly the best free event I have been too but I would certainly have still payed £16 quid to go the event even if I had had a debt to pay off for the following week. As soon as we entered the Bowlers experience, a reunion for a thousand clubbers who had attended the former club around fifteen years ago, we were awe struck by the atmosphere. I’ve been to other nights where people were already dancing quite heavily, but in the impressive space that 53 Degrees showed, this looked a fabolous proposition. Everyone was so friendly. It was quite clear that the majority of clubbers were ’sorted’ as is the term despite the tight security. However I never noticed an instance of paronoia in the dancefloor even if I accidentally ran into somebody. As I struck my dance moves, it is true that I might have looked ridicolous at times but I got a sense of approval that I fitted in right away. It might have been a nostalgic treat for the thirty to fourty somethings in the packed audience but to us, it was something different. This wasn’t totally different it has to be said to nights at Method for example, the nearby House. But there was something on the dancefloor that showed this was more intense, probably helped by the sheer number of people. This was the sort of atmosphere that really defined what an original rave is and its origins. Amongst the acts performing included a mix of such acts like Stu Allan and Dream Frequency. Well known hits it has to be said were dropped because everyone knows them. However, this worked really well because when the likes of SL2 ‘On a Ragga Tip’ and Prodigy ‘Out of Space’ were dropped, because for the first time I saw the crowd appreciaiting how the music should be danced to. I was particularly pleased when SL2 was played. This is a track that is still popular today especially with Drum and Bass fans and even Dubstep. This was also the first time I had the luxury of seeing 53 Degrees at it finest. It is likely there was more than 1,000 people. I have not been to a night at 53 where it has been full since the student nights at Freshers. The lighting on Saturday was superb, and really combined well with the music and the people. You have to be there to experience it but I was impressed with the venue reaching the potential I always felt it had. Strobe Lighting worked well but so did flashes to the room turning to its normal state with bright lights. Utilising this, the 53 team worked well as it showed the people who were vigorusly over dancing. When you compare this event to the UCLAN Student Union UV Rave Night held at ‘Promo’ back in September, then you start to see how far apart both events actually are despite their obvious term. The stark truth is that on Saturday night, the adults put the Students to shame on what a rave is. In some places round the Preston area this of course is not the case. Method is one example. The other, Warehouse is a strong vocal point for its rock and indie audiences. For the masses today however, who think they know what a rave is, think again. Politically, the club promoters of these kind of clubs have exploited the public musically. However another tricky subject is that the masses night are all alcohol fueled. Dance Music will always be niche, but in perspective, a lot of the main promoters in Bars and clubs within the industry have clubs like Bowlers to thank for their current success, seeing as laws were changed. Times may have changed in that the promoters have become all the more wiser in terms of making huge sums of money, but none of that can ever replace an atmosphere on Saturday. Dance Music is going full circle but for education, entertainment and difference, Saturday night with the tinitus ringing in my ears for well beyond 24 hours was inspiring.

Tracks to listen to:
SL2 ‘On a Ragga Tip’
Prodigy ‘Out of Space’

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