Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Week Old, Schmeek Old !!! Max is a month !

My last post here is just a quick reminder on how quick time can fly. Besides posting to celebrate my son's week old birthday it was also a humble attempt at keeping up to date with my blog.

Well, Max is now one month old - and my blog isn't any more up to date. The sleepless nights are relentless - but not on my behalf. My wife (who I'm going to have to stop calling "Dave" on here someday) is staying/getting up at all hours.

Max is taking more and more per feed and they are becoming a lot more frequent. He also puts me to shame in the ability to wee/poo/puke in one swift movement. In fact I object - that was only my 21st birthday... Objection over-ruled - your son still takes after you...

Note to self - don't allow any psychiatrists see the previous rant written in the 3rd person...

Work hasn't changed much (I'm back now). My back is a lot better now and I've returned to the gym - In fact as you will see from my banner I have lost a touch more weight...

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Still working with SCCM and enjoying it and now anticipating the next exciting installment of Carl Walkers blog who has promised me a tutorial on installing Java and packaging it using Wise Packaging Studio.

Well as I always promised I will fill this in again soon... So see you in a month no doubt ??!