Friday, 30 April 2010

Shiney things !

Just testing my blogging ability on the old iPhone

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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pussy Cats and Panics...

I got a phone call at work today from the house of Bilsborough to let me know our little monkey Frodo seemed to be going to the toilet in our bath quite a lot and it appeared to be tainted with blood.

As you can imagine I was worried for my little fella and promptly made an appointment at the vet.

I was very kindly allowed out of work early and took him down to see the kitty doctor. It appears our Frodo has a dose of cystitis which the vet gave him a jab for and sent us on our merry way.

He hasn't stopped his frequent visits yet and unfortunatly just as we decided to get an early night he decided that our bed looked like a promising candidate for a new toilet.

Early night my arse !

Little monkey is now scratching at our door wanting to get in to his mum and dad but unfortunatly we can't afford another episode like that with Lins being pregnant as the toxins in his urine could be bad for bump...

Anyhoo - I'm off for a well earned kip.

"Sorry Daddy"

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Countdown to the Reunion - Life@Bowlers past and present...

I posted a behind the scenes video of the Bowlers Reunion yesterday. What is it I hear you say?

In the late 1980's there was a club in Farnworth called The Pleasuredrome. During the birth of the rave scene the club evolved into a regular gathering of like minded people playing a sound rather different to the electropop that had graced our ears over the last decade.

After the Pleasuredrome was closed down, the promoters moved the night to the massive BOWLERS Sports complex in Trafford Park, Manchester. With a capacity of about 5000, the night took off where the Pleasuredrome had ended and LIFE was born.

Bowlers, normally a leisure complex, used to be home to Life, who began holding weekly nights there back in the early 90's. This lasted for several years until Life went bust and other companies came into the frame.

Big names in the old skool world such as Timeless and Seduction took over at Bowlers running successful nights until the late 90's when it was decided that the club would now do monthly events held by Compulsion.

The venue could hold 3-5000 people and original was held weekly from 9pm - 3am. Resident DJs were John Waddiker, Kenny Grogan & Bowa.

Bowlers played it's last Rave event in August 2001, it was a Helter Skelter/Compulsion event. New management took over the venue, and declared no more dance events to be held @ Bowlers!!! Apparently some guy had died a few months B4 and they were going to lose their licence. -

This is where 2 ex-lifers and a web developer from the Northwest got together one day and attempted to revive a scene which had fizzled out a decade earlier.

Stu Peet, Danny Walsh & Daz Wilde created Back2Bowlers, a forum for all ex lifers to reminisce on the old skool and compare stories of their raving days.

This spawned the Bowlers Reunion which was held at Park Hall in Chorley in 2007, another rave venue from back in the day. Life had been resurrected with the DJ's from back in the day gracing the 1's and 2's again.

The night was a massive success and has been held twice a year ever since.

On Saturday 1st May 2010 the Reunion will be held at it's latest venue, 53degrees - the student union in Preston.

I have been working on the big screen projections for the night which will be displayed on 2 screens at the front of the stage. The majority of the night will be animated using G-Force Platinum by SoundSpectrum.

For the PA - Dreamfrequency, I have created a simple slide show which will rotate their logos and 6 videos from past appearances.

Hopefully this time I will have a little time to grace the dancefloor and bust some shapes with some of the friendly gurning faces....

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Back2Bowlers Reunion Video

As it is the Back2Bowlers Reunion on Saturday night I produced a behind the scenes video of the last event in October 2010... Enjoy people...

Pickled brains and about time too !

As we've just implimented MS SCCM 2007 at work I have spent the best part of today getting our sequenced apps to work properly... Not quite got there yet as my trusty steed hasn't taken the SCCM Client or the AppV client as it should...

Anyhow - night off the gym - AGAIN - thats 2 days now so tomorrow I need to punish myself with a 6 mile run and a gruling lifting session. I replaced my healthy work out with an hour in the local Les Tescos. Thankfully my good lady had just been paid and sorted that one.

She has also just managed to replace her iPhone - it was stolen in the great break in of 2009 when some work shy little scroats broke in and kindly removed some of our hard earned gadgets...

So 6 months later (and £210 down the drain!) she has finally replaced it - oh the joys of being a two iPhone household - we can bump each other to our hearts content now... Mind you that's how we got into the situation we are in now !!!

Well that kinda wraps things up for today... Not done anything for the Reunion screens tonight - more on that tomorrow...