Friday, 28 November 2014

Free Disk Space Collection SCCM 2012

We have been having several users with older PC's complaining of low disk space errors.  These are normally shared Dell PC's with 80GB HDD's.  We have lots of surgerys where tens of nurses will log on and subsequently create a local profile.  As we have cached mode enabled for Outlook (don't ask) this creates massive .OST files in every profile.

I wanted SCCM to keep track of these machines and subsequently run a batch file that clears all the .OST files off the machine.

I wanted a collection that would list all machines with less than 1GB free disk space.  I created the collection courtesy of but found it was empty no matter what.

I then eventually came across this post instructing that by default the disk space isn't automatically collected by the hardware inventory cycle.

Enable this and just wait for the Harware Inventory Cycle to kick in and the disk space info will become available.

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