Sunday, 6 October 2013

iPhone Activation Error

So if you, like me have woken up on 6th October 2013 to find a nice little error on your crApple device asking you to "Activate" then you may want to find out how to fix it.


As the calendar rolls over to 6th Oct; Reports are coming in from all over the World of people with iOS7 beta6 being locked out of their phones due to the expiry of the test version of the nice shiney iOS7 being retired.

Blah blah blah I'm going to cut the crap and just get on with it as it's Sunday morning and I'm trying to enjoy my kids, a bacon butty & a cup of tea...

Get the stuff you need & back it up baby...
  • Download the latest crapTunes or update from within crapTunes.
  • Backup your crapPhone with crapTunes if you can (I couldn't).
  • You can still access photos so if you need to, back them up too.
  • Download the latest version of iOS 7.0.2 from one of these sources (not responsible for external content etc etc) then hold down on the option key (Mac) or the shift key (Windows) and click the “Check for Update” button in the Summary pane of crapTunes. Browse to the file you downloaded. (it will take an age!)
iPad2(Wi-Fi) (iPad2,1) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad2(AT&T) (iPad2,2) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad2(Verizon) (iPad2,3) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad2,4 (iPad2,4) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad2,5 (iPad2,5) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad2,6 (iPad2,6) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad2,7 (iPad2,7) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad3,1 (iPad3,1) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad3,2 (iPad3,2) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad3,3 (iPad3,3) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad3,4 (iPad3,4) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad3,5 (iPad3,5) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPad3,6 (iPad3,6) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone4 (iPhone3,1) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone3,2 (iPhone3,2) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone4(Verizon) (iPhone3,3) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone4S (iPhone4,1) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone5,1 (iPhone5,1) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone5,2 (iPhone5,2) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone5,3 (iPhone5,3) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone5,4 (iPhone5,4) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone6,1 (iPhone6,1) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPhone6,2 (iPhone6,2) 7.0.2 (11A501)
iPodTouch(5G) (iPod5,1) 7.0.2 (11A501)

  •  Choose the file and let it do it's thing.  Don't worry - you won't loose any data either!!!



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