Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Dells... THE DELLS !!!

So phase 2 of our Windows 7 deployment begins next week.  We have approx 1000 machines we are visiting with a raft of memory to upgrade to 4GB and give a new lease of life in the form of my Windows 7 Image.

Up until last week the entire non-Lenovo estate was to replaced.  Today I've been told all:

Dell 755
Dell 760
Dell 780
Dell 790

HP DC7800
HP DC7900
HP 6000
HP 8000
HP 8200

is to be upgraded.  And rebuilt.  With Windows 7.  For which we have no driver packs!!!  All to be done by Monday - gee thanks!

So my next few posts will more than likely be technical gotchas, quirks and foibles that us deployment engineers encounter...

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