Thursday, 30 May 2013

HP DC7800 will not boot from USB Boot Pen

First model I came across in the roll out was a HP DC7800.  My first task was to deploy our Windows 7 image and then check which drivers were missing.

I came to boot from USB by pressing F9 to get to the boot menu and choosing "USB"

My pen fired up and flickered away whiles loading the initial boot file.  The progress bar galloped across the screen like a trusty steed on Derby Day until it reached the end and froze.

3 pens and 2 machines later I discovered there is a BIOS setting under security that required disabling:  Data Execution Prevention.

As soon as this was disabled, subsequent boots worked like a charm.


  1. This problem had me scratching my head for almost a full working day. This BIOS setting was indeed preventing Windows setup from loading. Cheers!

    1. No worries - glad I could be of service :)

  2. same to me..for more than 3 hours and flashing the bios the problem was solved...i think they disabled this in the last biosupdate. 1.35 i have now

  3. Ah, that sounds like the problem I have.

    'Rescued' dc7800p ultra-slim dekstop, 4gb, 120GB HD (BIOS says it's fine), USB with Win7 (x64), loads with progressbar, then stops.

    also: I couldn't use the USB for BIOS upgrade (I have an old BIOS). Boot setup shows the USB option, BIOS shows the correct name of the USB, but when searching for a BIOS bin file, the device is gone. (might also be related to DEP?)
    Will also check the filesystem of the USB, but I thought FAT32


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  6. hola tengo una hp dc7800p y no quiere instalar windows 7 ni por cd ron ni por usb
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  7. Yes, I too had same problem with my dc7800. I entered into bios set up: -> security-> system security-> data execution prevention : Enabled -> changed to disabled. This worked fine for me. After that I installed windows 7 without any hassle.


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