Monday, 12 July 2010


How many times can one human being need to "eat" in the space of 8 hrs? For you and I that would roughly equate to a days work so; a snack in the first 3 hrs, a meal at lunch and then a choccy digestive (or five) with your mid afternoon brew followed by a meal at tea time. So that's three or four times in 8 hours.

Not this little one; try our daily feed in the space of two hours - and repeat all day !!!

I've tried to establish a shift pattern, early nights sleep for me at 7pm then I'm charged up ready for a night of dozing whilst tending to little Max. In between grizzles and whines I'm just teetering on the verge of sleep until he stirs.

This normally results in either another feed or a pickup and lie on daddies belly session. This will get him off so I can put him down for an hour and get back to some serious REM sleep. Mind you fatherhood has granted me with the power to be able to go from the deepest slumber to the alertness of an elite trained soldier in a fraction of a second - minus the inconvenience of having a heart attack!

I have to laugh; between me and the missus we are a right pair. She is suffering the obvious aches and pains following childbirth and I am suffering with searing sciatica pains. We are keeping each other going; in fact I have just had to make sure she didn't fall asleep feeding him bless her.

Well he's down so I'm going to get an hour hopefully.

See you soon !

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