Thursday, 20 February 2014

Trend OfficeScan 10 causing Hash Mismatch Errors in SCCM 2007

For the last 2 years of my SCCM Career I've been blighted with issues concerning the above.  I've added exceptions to our Trend server, calls have been logged but I can never seem to get this sorted.

I find that if Trend is running the execmgr.log will sometimes show Hash Mismatch errors.  If I manually disable Trend (or better still remove it!!) - it works fine.

I've started adding a quick command to my Task Sequences and package deployments to temporarily disable OfficeScan while the deployment takes place and it works a charm!!

Simply add the following command lines before and after via Task Sequence or simply create a package with a batch file containing the following.


net stop tmlisten
net stop ntrtscan


net start tmlisten
net start ntrtscan

Obviously this works manually too if you should ever need to disable Trend remotely...  Even if it has a password!!!!!!!! ;)

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