Friday, 11 May 2012

Empty program list in SCCM Task Sequence

I've just come in to find our Windows 7 builds are failing on a specific program that is installed during the task sequence.  It happens it was Trend Anti Virus which I had been working on the previous day.

Before getting into the log files I had a look at the task sequence and noticed that there was no program listed.  Ah ha!  Problem solved > click drop down and select program....  No programs are listed ??!!  I checked the package and I have two programs in there - a standard install and one with verbose logging enabled...

Tried deleting the step in the TS and recreating it... Still nothing...


I hold my hand up here - I had changed the interaction to "Only when a user is logged in"

Changed it back and sure enough it was back to normal.

Not so much a problem but it's worth noting - if it's a Friday morning and you haven't had your coffee yet it may catch you out...

Hope this helps someone :)


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  2. Thank you, THank you, Thank you. Was beating my head this morning trying to figure out why the program list was empty. This was it!

  3. Hi KC2ate,

    Thanks for the comment and I'm glad it helped out :)


  4. It is not whether the user is logged in or not that creates this issue, it is the "allow user interaction". Remove this and you will be able to see the program.

    1. Hey thanks for the feedback.

      I cannot comment on this as the above worked for me in that scenario and for the other people who have commented here. Maybe it sounds like your scenario is slightly different (I never allow user interaction so this wasn't ticked).

      Also there would never be a user logged in during OSD. You made me doubt myself so I just went back and recreated this and it is only the "Program can run" option set as "whether or not a user is logged in" that causes this outcome.

      Thanks for the input though as this may also help people in the future. That's the way these forums work!

      Please spread the word about Pheasant Plucker :)

    2. **and it is only the "Program can run" option set as "whether or not a user is logged in" that causes this outcome.

      **In that I didn't need to tick the "allow interaction box" to recreate.


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