Thursday, 15 September 2011

Configuring Windows 8 Dev on Virtual Box in 10 simple steps...

With the release of Tiny Flaccid's Windows 8 Developer Preview there are tons of geeks and demi geeks out there just bursting to give it a try.  Ironically it will not work with their own flavor of VM so here's another way to try getting your shiny shiny fix for today!


  1. So from VBox we knock out a new VM.
  2. Under Motherboard tab in system tick IO APIC
  3. Under Processor enable PAE/NX
  4. Under Acceleration tick Enable VT-x/AMD-v and also Enable Nested Paging
  5. Under Display Video tick Enable 2D Acceleration
  6. Under Storage click the CD icon under IDE Controller and choose IDE Primary Slave
  7. Click the CD icon to the right of this and choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file - point to your ISO
  8. Click OK
  9. Click Start
  10. Hey Presto - it works!!!
If it doesn't - I don't know!!!

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