Friday, 8 April 2011

Hello Stranger...

Well hello,

It seems I have neglected you for 6 months.

So where shall I start? I didn't get the job as per my last post. To be honest I'm not to bothered as the guy that got it deserved the recognition.

I'm still at the NHS but trying my best to get out as there are big changes ahoy and I'm not prepared to take the risk of them being for the worse. I've returned to college to complete my Lv5 Management Certificate to put me in good stead for any positions in that area.

Well - Max is now 9 months old and coming on leaps and bounds. Well crawls and rolls. He's been the highlight of our lives day in, day out. It's amazing to look back over the photos of him from this tiny helpless thing that requires our undivided attention. Don't get me wrong, he still does but he's helping himself in all sorts of situations.

On the family front; my dad has been diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus and has been undergoing chemotherapy. This all came as a bit of a shock that something as innocent as a ticklish cough has developed into this. His op is in a week or so and they are hopeful his chemo has helped.

I'll not make any promises as to keeping you up to date but I'll try my best.

Oh and look out at the end of July - another Max style post should appear ;)

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