Sunday, 24 October 2010

Broadband troubleshooting and PC MOT

This was a tricky one. The customer had reported problems with his internet dropping off. He had a custom built PC connecting via a Netgear USB dongle back to a BT Home Hub.

The internet would seemingly work fine then grind to a halt. Also their IE had been hijacked by a 3rd party application. I installed Spybot which found in excess of 1000 items on the PC - it appeared the temp internet files had never been flushed in the 6 years they had owned it. CCleaner finished up the rest of the temp files and reg fixes which helped the machine run a bit quicker and revive IE.

I installed Firefox to do the majority of my work as I needed a clean browser to work on.

Once I was happy that I had done all I can in terms of speeding the machine up I went on to troubleshoot the ADSL connection.

The user reported he had his ISP (BT) out who had been as far as replace the D side copper from the local DP to his property. Several homehubs had been provided but the problem was still apparant.

When pinging several URLs at the same time as his router there was an obvious drop of packets out to the net while his router was constant.

Other than recommend a new PSU for the Homehub (as this has reportedly caused problems for other users) I advised he call BT and jump higher and shout louder and get them to replace the copper on the E side of the connection.

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